Yoder's Jams and Jelly



Yoder's Fine Foods also known as Yoder's Cider Barn was started in 1975 primarily as a custom cider pressing operation. The owners and operators were Levi & Wilma Yoder. It was strictly a Fall-operated business, open from September through December. A son, Sheldon, soon started wholesale routes in Columbus and surrounding areas, with apple cider being the only product produced.

Twelve years later the family felt the need to expand the business to something that was operational year round. So in 1987, with son Steve on board as well, the company began producing apple butter and nine varieties of jam. In 1994, because of losing a major retailer's cider business, the company started to change directions even more, as 40 new varieties of jam and fruit butters were added.

In addition to losing a large portion of the cider business, the laws and regulations concerning unpasteurized cider began to slowly become more restrictive and demanding. Because the company strongly believed in the superior quality and taste of unpasteurized cider, a decision was made to not pursue pasteurized cider. 

In 1996, the business was transferred from Levi & Wilma Yoder to sons Sheldon and Steve. On June 12, 2013, Levi went to live with his Heavenly Father, leaving the family with a wonderful legacy, and fond memories.  In 2007, because of the change of direction in business production, we've decided to change our business name to Yoder's Fine Foods to better reflect our line of work. Presently Yoder's Fine Foods employs 14 full-time workers. The business is open year round and always welcomes visitors. Yoder's Fine Foods is truly grateful for God's kind blessings on our business, and for the many people who have already bought and enjoyed our "Fine Foods." May God bless all of you!

The Yoder's and Crew