Veal Station Amish Market

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Kevin, Jennifer, Cheyenne, Lane, Sarah Beth, and John Matthew

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Natural Products for Healthy Living:

From our essential oils to our hand-made baked goods, we focus on natural, organic ingredients and avoid processed sugars and preservatives whenever possible. The majority of our products are hand-made in Amish Communities throughout the USA, while many others are hand-made in-house. You will also find a small selection of commercially produced goods and candies for your convenience.

Veal Station Essential Oils

Our story began many years ago as a small massage therapy and aromatherapy
clinic in Weatherford, Texas known as “By Faith Massage Therapy”. Over the
years, we developed our own line: “By Faith Essential Oils”, as we were unable
to find an affordable, high-quality source for essential oils for our clinic
and our customers. We now produce some of the highest quality oils in the
world, exceeding the quality of the big, expensive, MLM brands at a fraction of
the price.

A Family Business:

A Family Ministry

We are 100% family owned and operated. Every dollor spent at Veal Station Market goes to support our family and our ministry. Veal Station Ministries is a 501(c)3 non-profit charity. We currenlty offer a community food pantry, animal shelter, and specialized Christian counseling and guidance to those with specific needs. Keeping true to our beginnings with "The Springtown Bread Lady", basic white bread and farm-fresh eggs are always free to those in need. To learn more, click below:

From the people
From the people
There is a great variety of foods available and the people are super friendly.

Knowledgeable staff
Convenient location
Fresh food
Great selection
— Robin H. (Facebook Review)
From the people
Wonderful groceries and desserts and I love the free farm fresh eggs till they run out! Save your egg cartons for them!
Great selection
— Barbara C. (Facebook Review)