We have many plans for the future of Veal Station; however, our current goal is to build a 60x30 Farmer’s Market Pavilion complete with restrooms and a new community food pantry. Veal Station Market was built with the community in mind, and we see this as the first step in building a community hub for gathering, worship, and commerce.


If you’re interested in joining us on Saturdays as a vendor, please inquire with Jennifer or contact me at: Kevin@byfaith.info


Once the Farmer’s Market is up an running, we’ll turn our attention towards a community playground and a large, indoor community center where the possibilities are endless. No one should have to pay thousands of dollars for a one-day wedding venue. Local businesses shouldn’t have to book a ballroom in a metroplex hotel for a company gathering. We plan to make our new community center available to the community at little to no cost whenever possible.


We also plan to expand our current animal shelter (which is currently in a private setting) into a new, larger shelter where community members can get more involved in the care and adoption of our animals.


In order to keep things affordable, we work on a zero-debt policy; therefore, we rely on the income of the market as well as donations from the community to make things happen. If you would like to hemp us in some way, please contact Jennifer (Jennifer@byfaith.info) to see how you can become of our mission.


We look forward to a bright future at Veal Station and Hope you’ll be joining us along the way!

October 10, 2022 — Kevin Lanham