The Ultimate Hunter's Handbook: Essential Skills, Tips, and Expertise from the "Raised Hunting" Family


David and Karin Holder, stars of the hit television show Raised Hunting on the Discovery Channel want to show you how to succeed in the outdoors and at home. What they have found is that many of the skills that lead to a great hunt—preparation, effort, patience, and determination—are the very same traits that will help you lead a more fulfilling life.
Now they pass on these essential truths, tools, and tips to you for better hunting and better living in this indispensable guide.
You will benefit from David’s decades of experience as an avid and accomplished hunter. Join him as he embarks on his bucket list hunt for a giant whitetail buck, and the lessons he learns along the way.
But the hunt is only half the adventure. Karin will share spiritual insights that will deepen your appreciation for the role our Creator plays—not just in the outdoors but in our regular everyday existence.    
If you want to experience the ultimate in hunting and in life, this handbook will help you achieve it!