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Oregano Essential Oil

Botanical Name: Origanum vulgare
Subspecies: Hirtum
Chemotype: Thymol
Extraction Method: Steam Distilled
Extracted From: Leaves and Tops
Farming Method: Organic
Nation of Harvest: Turkey/Greece*
Size: 10ml (1/3 ounce)

The health benefits of Oregano Essential Oil can be attributed to its properties as an antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, antiparasitic, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, digestive, emenagogue, and anti-allergenic substance.

The disinfectant and antibacterial properties of oregano essential oil were first recognized in ancient Greece where they were often used for treating bacterial infections on the skin or in wounds. It was also employed to protect food from bacteria. Oregano, native to higher altitudes, normally grows in the mountains, which is how it got the name "Oregano," meaning "Delight of the Mountains."

*Due to a poor harvest from Turkey this year, we were forced to source a harvest from Greece. The quality is equal and there is virtually no difference in the aroma or GC/MS constituents; therefore, we left them under the same SKU rather than creating separate products. Upon ordering, you may receive either unless you specifically request one or the other.

Oil Safety Information:

Oregano Essential Oil is contraindicated during pregnancy and breastfeeding and may cause embryotoxicity. Do not use Oregano if pregnant or breastfeeding and avoid use on children under 2 years of age.

It is a known possible skin and mucous membrane irritant. We recommend heavy dilution (less than 1%) prior to skin application and avoiding usage on sensitive skin.

We do not recommend internal use or undiluted skin application of any essential oils unless under the direction and care of a qualified medical professional. See our FAQ for more information.

GC/MS Results:

Main Constituents:

  • Thymol: 8.6%
  • Carvacrol: 80.2%
  • Terpinene
  • Eucalyptol: 1.0%
  • Cymene: 4.8%
  • Myrcene: 0.4%


No adulterant, contaminant, or dilutant was detected.

Please note that our GC/MS results may change somewhat frequently. The results above are for the most recent distillation and will vary slightly from previous distillations.


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