Popcorn Topping - Caramel Glaze


All-American Specialty

Popcorn was first introduced to European settlers by Native Americans who had been cultivating corn for thousands of years. It’s been in the Americas for so long that it made its way into many American traditions. From fairs to movie theaters and sporting events, popcorn has become a cultural staple and is downright nostalgic for many.

Un-popped home grown in Indiana

Homegrown in Berne, Indiana

All of our popcorn is grown in the rolling fields of eastern Indiana. The flat landscape of our area makes for ideal planting, growing, and harvesting conditions.

Non-GMO, gluten and preservative

GMO & Preservative-Free

We are committed to keeping popcorn simple and natural. For us, this means never growing genetically modified popcorn and keeping it free of preservatives.