Beginners Kit - Genesis 1:1


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Beginners Kit - Genesis 1:1:

With hundreds of essential oils in existence, knowing where to begin can be an overwhelming task. We have taken care of that for you by combining our 6 most popular oils in one convenient and affordable kit giving you the perfect start into the world of Essential Oils. Frugal living is a virtue we want to help you honor and purchasing these oils individually would cost over $70. This kit allows you endless possibilities of enjoying the benefits of essential oils without the struggle of balancing a budget while getting the most out of your investment.

Our Beginners Kit includes these 6 oils with more benefits than we could list.
  • Lavender (New Zealand): Lavender is a must for your arsenal of essential oils. It has a broad spectrum of uses including treating skin conditions, insomnia, and anxiety.
  • Lemon: A delightful fresh aroma to uplift your spirit. Lemon is great as an air freshener but has medicinal properties as well such as helping to lower fever.
  • Sweet Orange: The name speaks for itself! Use Sweet Orange essential oil to boost the immune system while also enjoying its calming and energizing effects against anxiety and depression.
  • Tea Tree: Fight respiratory infections, acne, and fungal infections with the powerful benefits of Tea Tree oil.
  • Peppermint: Peppermint essential oil has a fresh minty aroma that can increase alertness, treat upset stomach, and reduce inflammation that can cause achy muscles and headaches.
  • Rosemary (CT Cineole): Rosemary is a great remedy for stress and depression. Many studies have shown Rosemary essential oil to increase memory retention and Orange


By Faith Essential Oils:

By Faith Essential Oils are the simply the highest quality essential oils available. No other company can match our oils in both quality and price, as they operate on a profit-driven basis. As a Christian-based ministry, we operate on a zero-profit business model, importing only the best products, selling them at extremely low margins, and donating all profits (after paying expenses) to local and nationwide Christian charities. All of our oils meet or exceed the quality and purity of the larger, more expensive companies, and many of our oils are vastly superior in quality. Please support us in our effort to bring the best affordable natural and holistic methods of healing to the world. Visit for more information.